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Do you suffer from painful jaws or experience headaches in the morning? Does your spouse complain that you keep him or her up all night? Have your teeth become more sensitive to cold, touch, or other stimuli? If so you may be one of the millions of people who unknowingly suffer from bruxism (tooth grinding).

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The one thing that can rapidly stop an interesting conversation or dampen any romantic moment would be bad breath. Even great movie stars have to worry about it. Clark Gable was notorious for having bad breath and it was something that his co-star, Vivien Leigh, complained bitterly about during the making of Gone with the Wind.

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Commonly referred to as a wisdom tooth, the last molar has always been a source of much discomfort. Around the world and across all cultures there has always been some interesting reference to it. In English the connotation seems to be with its late appearance —much later than the other teeth and at an age where we would like to think of ourselves as a lot wiser.

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