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" Thank you Andy for the pictures! One soon forgets what a difference you have made to T's smile. The results are perfect and we couldn't be more pleased, thank you so much. T now even smiles in her sleep :> The results you achieved have given her a great smile, but more importantly, her confidence has been boosted to a new level as she doesn't smile behind her lips any more, as she felt she had to.

We have since noticed quite a few that have had veneers done!! They are super luminous white and one can see they are "false"! Your work, one cannot notice - they just seem as if one has been born with a perfect set, and that is the way it should be. When T shows friends, I can see how they strain their eyes to see veneers, and then say they cannot see the difference :>) Everyone expects to see these "American Hollywood veneers" that glow in the dark, but all you see now is her absolute natural smile. Well done and again, we are so pleased with the results and even more pleased that your high recommendations were proven. You are truly an artist.

We, I'm sure, will be seeing lots of you in the future. "hbds reviews email logo

ROY, Cape Town