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Dr. Jean van Lierop goes to Lisbon!

Portugal is a dream destination - filled with beautiful people, exotic food, and stunning views. This was the backdrop for a series of hands-on workshops hosted by a world-renowned dentist, Dr. Paulo Monteiro, a founding member of Style Italiano and industry leader when it comes to bonded dentistry.

Over the course of 5 days, Dr. van Lierop joined a small group of dentists from around the world to share some of the latest techniques in dentistry, with a focus on maintaining tooth structure during procedures as this minimizes the need for future treatment.


As the president of SAAAD, Dr. van Lierop has a keen interest in aesthetic dentistry and especially enjoyed learning new techniques for seamlessly applying direct restoratives to the front teeth, leaving you with a beautiful and natural finish.


It wasn’t all work though! Dr. van Lierop had an amazing time exploring the beautiful city of Lisbon as he discovered stunning beaches, stumbled upon intimate little towns and shared his love and passion for life and dentistry with his international peers - forming some great new friendships along the way.


This was an experience he will not soon forget, and Dr. van Lierop would like to extend his thanks to Dr. Paulo Monteiro and 3M Germany for the opportunity to learn, teach and explore. Portugal is one of the most beautiful places in the world.


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