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Goodbye to Dental Injections!

At some point, needles filled with numbing solution were at the pinnacle of dental technology. While easing pain and discomfort, they also provided pain and discomfort. So it is without much sadness that we say “Goodbye” to these torturous tools in favour of the new, improved, digital injection!

Typically, the source of oral pain and discomfort when receiving an injection is not actually the needle. The flow of the anesthetic into the soft tissue of your gums is what actually causes pain, so we sought a way to minimise this discomfort as much as possible and provide our precious patients with a minimally painful method of administering anesthetic.


The digital injection slows down the rate at which the solution flows into your gums, thus minimising the pain and providing a much more relaxing, comfortable experience when administering anesthetic. Humans cannot administer anesthetic slowly and consistently enough to eliminate pain, so we do it digitally - with The Wand™.


The Wand™ is a pen like apparatus which uses a computer to safely, and painlessly, administer anesthetic. Patients love it because it eliminates pain, as well as the anxiety they face when anticipating dental anesthetic. The anesthetic starts working faster than when injected with needles, so you don’t need to wait as long for it to start working and your procedure can be done faster. It also stops working sooner after the procedure is done so you can continue your day without the numbness. The Wand™ makes for a much more unique and pleasurable dental experience.


Hout Bay Dental Studio is honoured to provide patients with the latest in dental technological advances, so it is with great pleasure that we invite our patients to try this cutting edge tool next time anesthetic is required. We still have a few needles lying around for those who enjoy the pain but would recommend a digital injection for patients who prefer pain-free procedures with less down-time.

If you are interested in learning more about The Wand™ Digital Injection, contact our practice. Our great staff are happy to answer any questions you may have about your anesthetic options, as well as any queries on the procedures and treatments offered by Hout Bay Dental Studio.